We all love positive birth stories...

Stories Teach Us In Ways We Can Remember. They Teach Us That Each Woman Responds To Birth In Her Unique Way And How Very Wide-ranging That Way Can Be. Sometimes They Teach Us About Silly Practices Once Widely Held That Were Finally Discarded.


They Teach Us The Occasional Difference Between Accepted Medical Knowledge And The Real Bodily Experiences That Women Have - Including Those That Are Never Reported In Medical Textbooks Nor Admitted As Possibilities In The Medical World. They Also Demonstrate The Mind/body Connection In A Way That Medical Studies Cannot.


Birth Stories Told By Women Who Were Active Participants In Giving Birth Often Express A Good Deal Of Practical Wisdom, Inspiration, And Information For Other Women.


Positive Stories Shared By Women Who Have Had Wonderful Childbirth Experiences Are An Irreplaceable Way To Transmit Knowledge Of A Woman's True Capacities In Pregnancy And Birth.”


— Ina May Gaskin —

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Nice things my clients have to say...

Kim was an amazing doula and calmbirth® facilitator. She absolutely radiates with warmth, positiviety and enthusiasm. Her belief in the effectiveness of the calmbirth®course and a woman's ability to give birth naturally cannot help but encourage you.


Her calm presence at our birth and lead up preparation made me feel inspired, motivated and cherished. We had a truly wonderful birth experience with Kim as our doula and my husband and I highly recommend her.

Emma and Willie  xxx

Thank you so much for coming and sharing what you know about this incredible but often mystifying time. The course has shed light not only on the process before us but more importantly upon the ways we can actively engage with it and each other to welcome our little girl

Kim was not only a great teacher but also a great listener. She covered a wide range of techniques for labouring, including breathing and visualization, all the while taking the time to hone in on the things that had particular resonance for us. Overall the experience was incredibly empowering - turning what could otherwise be an intimidating time into a more knowable one that we can plan for and look forward to participating in!


I have had the privilege of working in partnership with  Kim at many Hospital & Homebirths over the years.

As a team, Kim's authenticity, advocacy, wealth of knowledge & experience made supporting woman & her family such a joy. Kim's treasure trove of knowledge for all things pregnancy, labour, birth & postnatal makes her, in my opinion the perfect package.

Tanya Munten

Independant Homebirth Midwife

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Kim’s been apart of my life since I was a young teen. Her daughter Romie and I have been best friends since high school and their home was always welcomed to all of Romie’s friends with such warmth. 


I knew that when or if I was to ever have children, Kim would be apart of it one way or another. I had always admired her skills and strength as a mother. 


Providing private education in birth and parenting support was perfectly executed for myself and my partner by Kim. 

She provided visuals with props and PowerPoint slides which stuck well with me in regards to research. 


She comfortably presented this to us in a well structured and a positively projected manner which was really important to me when in such a late period of my pregnancy. 


All of my doubts and concerns from labour to feeding to sleeping were calmly supported. This really brought my high strung vibe right back down to earth. 


Expressing all of my options, being so uplifting and organic with her factual views, put myself and Tomi at such ease with such a massive new chapter in our lives. 

I felt such comfort and it’s essential to feel that when being educated with all things pregnancy. 

It opened up my partners eyes to such important things to focus on with myself and bub. It extended his connection more than he already had which was really special. 


It was such a pleasure to work with Kim. I have such an appreciation of her professionalism and knowledge and I’m really content with the impact given. 


Thanks for everything! 

Sarah & Tomi - Private Childbirth & Early Parenting

calm birth classes post natal support sydney

Thank you, Kim.


Thank you for guiding Marty and I to prepare for Noah's birth, including listening to our previous experiences and assisting us to write our birth wishes.

Thank you for regularly checking in and being so kind and reassuring throughout the weeks leading up to Noah's birth.

Thank you for connecting with our son Sebastian and taking the time to get to know us personally.

Thank you for turning up at our home in the middle of the night when the contractions started fast and furious.

Thank you for your calm and positive presence when things took an unexpected turn.

Thank you for gently taking charge & working with our family to deliver our beautiful boy at home when it was not the plan.

Thank you for supporting us to achieve our birth wishes in a not so usual scenario.

Thank you for accompanying us to the hospital, making cups of tea, feeding us jelly snakes, assisting with the first shower, watching over our baby as he was weighed and checked.

Thank you for driving my husband home in the early hours.

Thank you for the phone calls and text messages in the first weeks offering encouragement and support.

Martin and I are so grateful that we found you Kim.

Thank you for sharing in the excitement of birth with us. We could not have done it without you.

From Anna and Marty


Early on in my pregnancy I knew I wanted a birth doula but was quite daunted by the fact of having to find someone! How was I to find someone I felt so comfortable to be with when I am at my most vulnerable?


I imagined interviewing doula after doula but in actual fact, Kim was the only one we interviewed! Kim was recommended to us by a virtual stranger, a midwife at Mona Vale Hospital, after I had mentioned we were "shopping around!" 


Upon first meeting Kim, in our home, she was professional, warm and caring, like a family member. Both my husband and I really connected well. She answered all my many questions and instantly alleviated any fears or doubts I had. Kim also helped to make a fantastic recommendation for calmbirth® which we went on to do with really positive results.


We remained in constant contact, via a group chat with my husband, for the duration of my pregnancy, and when the big day arrived she, of course, was the first person to know that we were in the early stages of labour!


We felt thoroughly supported throughout the whole pregnancy and birth and in the early days and weeks of newborn life. Kim was very accepting of our needs and wishes throughout this amazing journey.


A doula is often a new concept to most and having Kim around helped us successfully navigate the birth of our gorgeous chubby little lady.


I want to thank you for creating this amazing, positive and truly memorable event in our lives. I never truly could have been able to comprehend the impact this help would be, the comfort and encouragement provided was invaluable and we would not hesitate to recommend Kim to anyone else and we'll definitely use her again in the event that we decide that having another child.

Katie & Lee