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My role as a Doula over the past 14 years has primarily been supporting families through Pregnancy, Labour, Birth, Postnatal Support & Childbirth Education. 


For the past 3 years my support has  been in the area of Postnatal support (which covers 6 weeks post birth & beyond).  


As a mother of 3 children (now all independent adults) I know how important support is during the postpartum period.


When mums are nurtured, supported & space held during this time, there is great growth & bonding between mum & baby also with their partner.

3 years ago, I had the most wonderful experience as a Doula (& Mother) to welcome my first grandchild.  Spending the time labouring at home and just under 3 hours later (in hospital)welcoming in our little one.

I had the privilege to support them for 6 weeks postpartum. 

The growth I seen during this time with my Daughter, Husband & Grandson was priceless. 


May 2020 we welcomed our 2nd Grandchild, due to Covid 19, no Doulas were able to support in the hospital due to the one person rule.  This changed many things, having to support my daughter (and clients ) over the phone when in labour and in hospital. 

Doula northern beaches sydney Kim Graham
Those precious moments skin to skin nort

So the Post Partum period was so important to guide the new family through this time.  So once again I was fortunate to support my Daughter, husband and baby daily for 4 weeks.

October 2020, we welcomed our 3rd Grandchild, once again, the Covid 19 rule was still in place.

So with all these challenges and changes, it has made it all the more important for the support of a Doula, not only for birth but for Education, Early Parenting with addition the support for the Post Partum period.


In some & many cases, partners also need to return to work sooner than they would ideally like & may not have family around to support them during this time.

How great is it to know that I can support you & your family during this time, with a package that will suit your needs?

Please contact me to discuss a individual package to suit.

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"Birth is not about making babies.
Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength"
- Barbara Katz Rothman, PhD