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Kim has been a Doula since 2007, based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Kim is a mother to 3 amazing children (now Adults)

Kim and her husband have been blessed her with 3 Grand Babies.

With a love and passion for birth,

Kim feels fortunate to have supported many families over the past 14 years.


Calmbirth® is a 12 hour face to face antenatal program. The Calmbirth® program includes psychological and emotional preparation for childbirth.


Calmbirth strives to: Reframe birth & empower women to work with their bodies, partners and caregivers to create the best birth.

You will learn how to retrain your response to stress by instilling confidence in you so that you can work with birth on all levels. It teaches you to be proactive in your birth as opposed to reactive

The program includes fear release techniques through guided relaxation, as a means to facilitate emotional subconscious healing of fear and anxiety about childbirth, to help you move past any negative emotions around birth.

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Thinking about support over the first few days or weeks with your newborn. 


Kim is happy to help with Post Natal Support and Early Parenting and settling your newborn

Please enquire for packages offered

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The term Doula is Ancient Greek for a women supporting a women through labour, doula support is either for hospital, Birth Centre or for a homebirth.
A doula will give continuous (non-medical) support, both emotionally and physically throughout pregnancy, Labour and Post-Natal.
A doula will support you on the birth you desire,  a natural birth or a birth where you choose pain relief - it is all about the new mum to be, we are non-judgemental purely supportive.


Thinking about having your Placenta Encapsulated

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Thank you so much for coming and sharing what you know about this incredible but often mystifying time. The course has shed light not only on the process before us but more importantly upon the ways we can actively engage with it and each other to welcome our little girl

Kim was not only a great teacher but also a great listener. She covered a wide range of techniques for labouring, including breathing and visualization, all the while taking the time to hone in on the things that had particular resonance for us. Overall the experience was incredibly empowering - turning what could otherwise be an intimidating time into a more knowable one that we can plan for and look forward to participating in!


Private Childbirth and Early Parenting Education


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